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IGS - Case Study - Wunderlite

Product Design - Alternative Manufacturing Techniques

The Client

Wunderlite is a NSW based Australian owned and operated company specialising in the fabrication and restoration of traditional pressed-metal panels. Visit Wunderlite here.

For a detailed history into pressed metal's rise to popularity in the 1800's and the original artistic hand crafted tooling and pressing techniques used click here.   

Music room in a private home, 1906. Interior view featuring a pressed tin ceiling.(image source wiki)  

Original Pressed Metal Ceiling 
(image source wiki)          

IGS Connection

IGS crossed paths with Wunderlite at a Design-Build conference in Melbourne. After initial discussions we saw value in beginning an exciting new innovative journey using our combined skills.

Wunderlite traditionally re-created patterns via a time consuming mold making process. Although the end result is more than acceptable, the main challenge with this method is always a loss of definition in the pattern's detail. In addition to this, damaged samples created challenges and there was no way of creating custom designs.

Over the last couple of years IGS has assisted Wunderlite recreate existing designs and generate entirely new patterns using 3D modeling, 3D scanning, 3D printing and CNC cutting technology.

Example of an original sample, 3D scanned model and defined 3D model ready for CNC cutting or 3D printing

It has been a challenging and rewarding journey, merging century old techniques and expertise with modern manufacturing technology.

3D printed pattern with resulting pressed metal, Image 2 & 3: Wallpaper conversion original sample and CNC cut 3D modeled die ready for pressing.

Case Study - Anastasia Project

A fair portion of Wunderlite's work comes through the reinstatement of pressed metal ceiling and wall panels during heritage listed commercial redevelopments.

When the Anastasia project was awarded to Wunderlite a great challenge lay before Wunderlite and IGS.

The project required recreation of a heritage listed panel that had long been discardedf. The only prior knowledge of the pattern was the cluttered medium-res photos shown below in addition to the knowledge that the repeating
pattern was 2ft x 2ft in size.

Type9 1

   Type9 2
Photographic samples provided by the client

The Solution

IGS and Wunderlite worked closely together during the initial stage of the project to produce an artistic sketch interpretation of the pattern. This representation provided a basis for discussion between Wunderlite, the client and IGS prior to moving to the next stage of the project.
Type9 3
Anastasia sketch interpretation

After the 2D artwork was finalised, a section of the sketched pattern was used as a guide to build the 3D model prototype die. This 3D model was then CNC cut from the CAD model prior to a text pressing by Wunderlite. This sample was then sent to the client for review and approval.

Type9 4
Prototype design through to end product

With the clients approval on the prototype we proceeded to 3D model the entire pattern. Once complete, this pattern was CNC cut into a single 2ft x 2ft die ready for pressing.
Type9 5

CAD model ready for CNC cutting
Type9 6

CNC Cut Die - Male ready for pressing

With the die complete, Wunderlite set about the production of the required number of panels for the job. The finished raw pressed product can be viewed below prior to painting.
Type9 7

Finished product ready for installation and painting



"It has been and remains a genuine pleasure working with Ben to produce our pressed metal panel dies. He has a great eye for detail and the results have always been outstanding. He is also prepared to go the extra mile to meet our customer deadlines when necessary, and has the communication and liaison skills to ensure that each project comes together smoothly. We are always kept up to date with how the work is progressing. 

All of us here at Wunderlite Panels have no hesitation in recommending Ben at Innovative Growth Solutions for your 3D modelling and industrial needs."

Scott Eastment
Managing Director
Wunderlite Panels

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