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Online Solutions

A website is the most important business asset of the 21st century with close to 1/3rd of the World’s population now having access to the internet.

At IGS we pride ourselves on encapturing the essence of your business online. Our talented straight talking team is ready to help work alongside you to design, develop and implement websites that meet your unique business needs today, whilst providing the infrastructure for tomorrow.

IGS-Online-Solutions-Manufacturer-Revit-Download Manufacturer BIM Content Hosting

IGS can directly or indirectly (through your marketing team/ web developer) assist you to upload your BIM content to your company website. We can also create thumbnails and peripheral marketing material demonstrating your BIM Content.

IGS-Online-Solutions-Websites Website Design, Development & Implementation

IGS has managed and achieved online success for a large diverse cross section of companies. Our approach has always been centred on understanding your unique business needs so as to achieve the maximum return on your investment.

IGS-Online-Solutions-Organic-SEO Organic SEO, Social Media & YouTube

IGS has a variety of success stories in achieving non pay-per-click organic top ranking websites though innovative approaches to a modern day business challenge

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